Joffrey Texas, founded by Robert Joffrey in 1978 as The Joffrey Workshop Texas, is proud to provide the highest level of dance education to young artists. In our effort to achieve this goal our faculty and staff continually educate themselves in the most current methods of dance education while drawing from the fundamental lessons established by Mr. Joffrey.

In order to provide an experience of the highest quality, Joffrey Texas will only accept 25 students to each of its programs. This class size will allow the dancers to achieve their fullest potential while studying with our expert faculty.

Classes, dormitories, and meals take place on the beautiful campus of St. Mary's University in San Antonio, Texas. Students will study six days a week in ballet technique, pointe, men's technique, pas de deux, variations, contemporary and modern dance, character dance, repertory rehearsals, music for dancers, dance history, and pilates. We are also excited to offer, for the first time, classes from the Progressing Ballet Technique syllabus.


My name is Mauro Villanueva and it is my pleasure to welcome you to Joffrey Texas.

In celebration of our 40 years, we have made some exciting additions to the Joffrey Texas programs. It is my belief that our founder, Robert Joffrey, would be happy with trying new things in order to reach a new level of expertise.

In addition to hosting three Artistic Directors to work with our Session I and II students, we have added two brand new programs:

  • A Pre-Professional Experience will host university and trainee level artists for one week to offer the opportunity to work intimately with the Artistic Directors joining the 2018 Joffrey Texas faculty. Additionally, two of these artists will be given the chance to lead creative sessions of their own. This can be an opportunity to prepare for future assignments or simply challenge themselves as leaders and creative directors.
  • Session III will cater to younger dancers by offering a shorter study day as well as providing important fundamental dance information in a fun and focused environment

I am certain that by expanding our offerings and connecting young dancers with leaders in the dance world we will have a successful 2018. I look forward to seeing how we all grow in this new and exciting 40th anniversary season.

The future is not possible without the past and with that knowledge we move forward with the utmost respect for what has come before us.

With gratitude,


Mauro Villanueva