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We've teamed up with Liberate Artists, Cultivating Better Tomorrows and Core to Coeur to present an exciting day of classes! Connect with dancers from AROUND THE WORLD in a safe and welcoming environment where dancers feel comfortable to expand and express their artistry on their own terms.

10:00-10:30 Stretch & Strength  Kenny Borchard - Director

10:30-11:45 Ballet Mauro Villanueva - Director

12:00-1:00 Musical Theatre Lindsey Fletcher - Disney

1:15-2:15 Precision Jazz Mindy Meoller - Radio City

2:30-3:45 Diversity in Dance: A Guided Conversation
Erica Lynette Edwards - Cultivating Better Tomorrows

4:00-4:30 Every BODY Stretch Now Kenny & Mauro

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Click the Button & Scroll Down to NOVEMBER 28.
Take the whole day or choose the classes you'd like to attend!
Each class has a suggestion of 3 credits, 18 total for the day. That's just $90 for an amazing day of dance.
As always, our online group classes incorporate a sliding scale, meaning dancers choose the amount they can pay.