About Us

Joffrey Texas has been training dancers since 1978. It is our mission to provide a place for all students who want to learn about dance. Our focus on Ballet, Modern, and Contemporary is by no means a statement on the value of other kinds of dance. 

Joffrey Texas was founded in these techniques, our knowledge of them is our strength, and we feel confident in delivering the content of these techniques to our students. As we continue to evolve, and with the legitimization of virtual teaching, we will strive to add classes in additional techniques to our schedule. 

Joffrey Texas will continue to offer in-person and virtual classes so students can choose the option that makes them feel comfortable, and to reach students beyond our Texas community. Additionally, the virtual classroom enables us to offer an even greater selection of guest teachers. From ballet to Broadway and beyond, our guest instructors add an exciting element to our already high caliber programming. 

We are grateful for the continued support from the community.

Mauro Villanueva & Kenny Borchrd

- Directors